Discover a world of opportunities with our diverse range of products. If you’re seeking culinary excellence, our Peanuts, available at an enticing $255 per ton, promise a crunch of flavor that’s perfect for both snacking and cooking. Embark on a journey of taste with our Ginger, offered at a competitive $750 per ton, infusing your dishes with its unmistakable warmth and aroma.

For those exploring unique flavors, our Tiger Nuts are priced at $950 per ton, offering a delightful blend of nutty sweetness that’s sure to captivate your palate. And if you’re drawn to the earthy richness of Corn, look no further – our Corn at $160 per ton brings an essential touch to both traditional and modern recipes.

Experience the essence of nature’s bounty with our Tamarind, available at $750 per ton, a culinary gem cherished for its tangy-sweet taste and versatility. And don’t miss the vibrant character of Dried Hibiscus at $925 per ton, a burst of color and flavor that lends itself to culinary creativity.

Venture into the realm of wholesome offerings with our Bambara Beans, thoughtfully priced at $375 per ton, an excellent source of protein that’s also friendly to the environment. Our Shea Nuts, valued at $375 per ton, present an opportunity to explore their various applications in both wellness and skincare.

Nurture your senses with Shea Butter, a beauty secret priced at $850 per ton, offering luxurious moisture and care. And if you’re intrigued by unique elements, our Cow Horns, a statement of authenticity, are available at $750 per ton.

We also cater to diverse interests, offering Cow Skins at just $5 per piece, and Donkey Skins at $35 per piece – each presenting a unique canvas for creativity.

Moreover, we understand the value of the extraordinary. Ox Gall Stones, priced at $18,000 per kilogram, are a testament to the rare treasures nature can offer.

While this presents a glimpse into our assortment, our dedication to providing exceptional products continues. We invite you to explore further, with options like Cotton, Dried Turmeric, Fennel Seeds, Wheat, Millet, Gum Arabic, Sorghum, Moringa Seeds, Aloe Vera, and even Gold Bars/Dust, each holding its unique allure.

As you consider our offerings, please remember that transportation or shipment costs are not included in the prices listed. Our commitment to transparency ensures you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and enjoy a seamless experience with our distinguished products.

SESAME SEEDS @ $1,250/ton
SOYBEANS @ $450/ton
CASHEW NUTS @ $1,250/ton
PEANUTS @ $255/ton
GINGER @$ 750/ton
TIGER NUTS @ $950/ton
CORN @ $160/ton
TAMARIND @ 750/ton
COCOA BEANS @ $1,700/ton
BAMBARA BEANS @ $375 /ton
GUM ARABIC @ $1,850/ton
SHEA NUTS @ $375/ton
SHEA BUTTER @ $850/ton
COW HORNS @ $750/ton
COW SKINS @ $5/piece
DONKEY SKINS @ $35/piece
OX GALL STONES @ $18,000 /kg
COTTON (Quote on demand
DRIED TUMERIC (Quote on demand)
FENNEL SEEDS(Quote on demand)
WHEAT (Quote on demand)
MILLET (Quote on demand)
GUM ARABIC (Quote on demand)
SORGHUM (Quote on demand)
MORINGA SEEDS (Quote on demand)
ALOE VERA (Quote on demand)
GOLD BARS /DUST (Quote on demand)