A cake of cold-pressed oil. the finest fertilizer used for plants. Over time, cottonseed oil cake feeds nitrogen, potash, phosphate, and other trace nutrients, preventing runoff and fostering vigorous growth of grass, landscape plants, and vegetable crops. A great source of slow-release nitrogen is this oil cake. Even if you unintentionally apply too much, the slow release guarantees that plants are not harmed. In addition to being gradual release, it is a rich source of potassium and phosphorus, all of which are necessary for a plant’s growth. Prior to sowing, naturally sourced cotton seed meal fertilisers are used to alleviate excessive soil pH and replenish lost trace elements.


ColourLight green
Moisture content<5%
ProteinAround 22% – 25%
Oil Content5 % to 7%
Sand SilicaLess than 1.5 %
AflatoxinBelow 5.0mcg
OriginUnited Kingdom
BrandFreezone Concepts Ltd