Excellent Taste: It’s coarsely ground and has a little pungency, making it ideal for tempering food. Ingredients essentials: pure mashed red peppers. From The Best Farms: Formulated by mixing entire spices in the appropriate amounts to give your foods the perfect flavors and strengthen your immunity. No artificial preservatives; all organic. Suitable for: Dals and Kadhis For a longer shelf life, put the masala in an airtight container. A coarsely powdered red chilli powder that is vivid red in colour and has a slightly less pungency than standard red chilli powder. Very useful for tempering Indian meals like dals and kadhis. suitable for pickling and preparing chutney. Every Indian pantry, home, and grocery store must contain it. Innovative packaging helps preserve the flavour of spices. Ready-to-use spice blend with 100% authentic flavour and no artificial preservatives. Chef Nita Mehta’s 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the kitchen are carried in her specially formulated spice blends. Constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of your business while maintaining the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness.


Size20-40 mesh
Moisture content10-12%
Pungency in SHU8,000-1,00,000 (Heat)
OriginUnited Kingdom
BrandFreezone Concepts Ltd