Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are among the plant nutrients found in mustard oil cake, which is organic and rich in these minerals (npk). Another natural source of other micronutrients is mustard cakes. Plants may easily assimilate the nutrients in Groundnut oil cake. Use mustard oil cake in organic ways as fertiliser for strong plant development and enhanced output. It stops buds from shedding leaves too soon. Consequently, blooming, vegetable, and fruit plants benefit greatly. purely natural; no mixes. Contains all the nutrients plants need to produce more and larger blooms and fruits. Powder is simple to incorporate into soil and quickly reaches roots. A natural source of NPK is also provided by this plant fertiliser. Everything is natural and organic. Application & Dose: 500 kg of mustard cake fertilizer should be consumed. It should be well mixed with 15 liters of water before being soaked for 24 hours. Every week, add 1 cup per plant.


Usage/ApplicationAnimal Feed
oil content5-10%
originUnited Kingdom
brandFreezone Concept Ltd