Since we harvested our palm fruits from our farms, we are able to provide the greatest quality palm kernel, which is why we export it. This palm kernel is unquestionably popular due to its many beneficial properties. Usually, palm kernel is used to make oleochemicals, which are non-food items like detergents, soaps, and cosmetics. Our palm kernel exports are of the highest grade and have excellent texture. They are widely used for various reasons in a variety of businesses, including those that deal with cosmetics, medicines, and other fields.


caproic acid (6:0)0.2
caprylic acid (8:0)3.3
capric acid(10:0)3.5
lauric acid(12:0)47.8
myristic acid(14:0)16.3
palmitic acid(16:0)8.5
total SFAs82.1
total MUFAs15.4
total PUFAs2.4
originUnited Kingdom
brandFreezone Concepts Ltd