We, Freezone concepts Ltd provide the best quality palm oil which we extract from our farms and use as precision quality as we picked it. Our precision quality is what makes our palm oil the best in quality and this much beneficial in many ways. Palm kernel oil improves skin elasticity, shields it from damaging UV rays, stimulates circulation, calms small burns, delays the appearance of wrinkles, lightens dark spots and blemishes, and speeds up the production of younger-looking, suppler skin. It hydrates and calms the skin near your hair follicles. It conditions the scalp deeply and completely, softens hair, and adds a strong shine. The ingredients in palm kernel oil support generally healthy hair.


colorlight yellow
free fatty acid2.5-5%
moisture & impurities0.25%
peroxide (meq/kg)1-2%
apparent density (g/ml) at 50°C0.8889-0.8896
refractive index no.50°C1.4521-1.4541
saponification value, mgKOH/g oil194-205
iodin value(wijs)50.4-53.7
slip melting point33.8-39.2°C
originUnited Kingdom
brandFreezone Concepts Ltd